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JUNCTION IP CONSULTING (JIPC) is always in line with the principle of maximum protection of our clients’ interests, and result-oriented. We provide our clients with a full range of services, e.g., intellectual property protection, credit background investigation, employee loyalty survey, non-competition investigation. The responsible person once worked as law enforcement officer and senior practitioner. They provide a full range of professional services for the world’s fortune 100 companies with over 10 years of the experience in safeguarding the enterprises interests.

As the domestic intellectual property service provider, we are familiar with current situation of intellectual property in China and we can offer the intellectual property service to meet the requirements of our clients. In the protection of intellectual property rights in recent years, we have maintained close contacts with the law enforcement departments in various regions, such as the Administration for Market Regulation, the Customs, the National Intellectual Property Administration, the Copyright Administration, the Court, the Procuratorate, the Public Security Organs. We can assist our clients in the first time to solve the disputes, mediation, administrative remedies, even the criminal responsibility and other services that are in the interest of the intellectual property owners.

As a member of INTA, W.A.D., IACC and CII in China, through international exchanges, JIPC can better understand the service content concerned by the clients and become an indispensable partner in the improvement of the clients’ intellectual property protection system.

The advantage
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    Big Data AnalysisAt present, there are huge amount of data, complex and disorderly. Via artificial and AI conditional screening, we can complete the presentation of data value more quickly.
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    National Investigators NetworkThe BZQ (Bright Zone Quest) investigators network is throughout the country that it could provide a convenient, economic and efficient channel for the offline data verification, monitoring and commercial investigation services.
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    Multi-dimensional dynamic monitoringIt can monitor the enterprise in multiple dimensions, e.g., business direction, equity change, bad faith, abnormal operation, administrative punishment, litigation risk, and other changes of nearly 50 dimensions.
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    Localization ServiceAs the domestic company, we are familiar with the Chinese laws and policies, and good at keeping a good relationship with Chinese government departments.
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Since the establishment of the company, JIPC has always attached great importance to business cooperationand we have many partners in major cities around the worldthrough business cooperation. Thuswe can provide clients with global intellectual property protection services.
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© 2020 JIPC. All rights reserved. JIPC is theabbreviated company name.
#© 2020 JIPC. All rights reserved. JIPC is theabbreviated company name.